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hello newgrounds!

2011-09-01 15:50:19 by mariobros1015

hello everyone im new to newgrounds and i hope to have a good time here also i have many flashes just waiting to be uploaded so expect lots of stuff from me!

well thats enough for now im off to look at other newgrounds stuff see ya peoples!


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2011-09-04 15:12:55

Nice to meet you. I enjoyed your mario sprite movie, by the way.

mariobros1015 responds:

thank you drunkenmonkey. at least you have some respect for a newbie like me.


2011-09-04 15:29:48

Wow, another awful sprite animation, just like tens of thousands of others. Just wonderful.

mariobros1015 responds:

well atleast i tried unlike a few people here and who are you to talk? you havent even made anything yet?